Social Support

The fabulous Carers at InPlace Care can add to your social network and support you to get out and about within your local Community.

Lead to Better Quality of Life As One Ages

Keeping You Socially Connected

Having good social connections is essential for all aspects of your health, especially as you age. An outing or a chat over a cup of coffee with a caring and friendly volunteer could become a highlight of your week, and give you the confidence to meet new people.

Technological IT support, assistance with transport and mobility, and companionship are all available to help you find your community through support from the fabulous workers at InPlace Care.

Social Support can also include:

Getting Social Support Is Easy

Three simple steps to connect you to the community and find social companionship in minutes

Complete the registration process and fill in the information about yourself.


Find registered, qualified and insured support workers specialised in Social Support, Transport & Mobility and Companionship.

Communicate directly and decide on working hours and payment.
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Need some

Social Support

to help you through the week?

Now is the time to be active in your Community!
Search now for the support you need to become more social.

How InPlace Care Provides
Better Social Support Service?

Every single carer is Identified and checked, and all services are insured.


Police Clearance

All the workers at InPlace Care have been checked for their suitability to work in the Industry through their qualifications and having a suitable National Police Check.


Insurance Cover

All jobs on the Platform are covered by our Business Insurances to add further reassurance and peace of mind.

Maintain an Active Social Life

Everything You Need!

How long do I have to book?

Each job has a minimum of 1 hour and increases in multiple of 30 minutes

What is their availability?

Each worker has their available days listed on their registration and what times of the day they are free.

Can they drive me to the shops?

Each worker identifies on their registration if they are available for Transport services.

Online Assistance

Full-Service Support

InPlace Care provides a full-service onboarding team and customer support staff to assist with any questions or issues you may have.

How It Works

High Level Support in Your Own Home

The InPlace Care business team having many years experience in managing clinical services, set about overseeing the build of the Service Platform with the outcome being a modern digital application that can now be provided to clients and students economically and efficiently.

A Wide Variety of
Home Care Services

InPlace Care’s workforce  are committed to the provision of client support from within a wellness framework. This strength based approach is goal focused and assists your clients to remain living independently and autonomously within their own homes for as long as possible.

Home Care Updates

Get an overview of our news, services, events and other updates

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Living Well with Mobility Limitations

Mobility Limitations can be a risk factor for several conditions and lead to increased isolation and loneliness. A carer helps to make your home more accessible.

HomeCare, Caregivers, Telehealth, Covid-19

Telehealth – How Does it Work?

Many of us have had our first experiences of telehealth in the past year, as appointments that do not require a physical examination are often being conducted online during covid lockdowns.

Use modern technology to service your loved ones safely to maintain their independence in their own homes at a Cost-Effective Price.


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© 2024 InPlace Care. All Rights Reserved.
© 2024 InPlace Care. All Rights Reserved.

We know that the COVID-19 virus presents significant challenges and concerns for our clients and their families. InPlace Care have instigated many new operational actions to protect clients in the community.



  • Keeping our Carer community up to date with regular updates and new clinical operational procedures relevant for the best protection of their clients and themselves
  • Refreshed our Training documents for Hand Hygiene to recognize the COVID-19 recommendations
  • Continued our administration services and functions by supporting staff to work remotely, as well as other options that best suit individual staff circumstances.


  • Keeping the InPlace Care community up to date with clinical advice that best support good practice in the provision of Home Care services
  • Implementing measures to mitigate an outbreak, including measures around health, hygiene, and general wellbeing of the community.
    Continuing to plan for potential scenarios and impacts to ensure the safety of our clients and carers.

The Inplace Care worker visiting your home is taking the necessary measures to ensure you say safe.
This includes following advice from Australia’s Chief Medical Officer about when to use equipment such as masks, gloves, aprons or gowns, and protective eyewear.
Most importantly, look after yourself and keep safe.

The promotion conditions are:
  1. The maximum FOC care in February 2021 is 8 hours of Care per individual Client when you book and pay for 8 hours of care
  2. limited to the first 10 Clients that take it up

The program will run for 4 weeks in February 2021.
The promotional FOC Care is only redeemable for new Clients that register and receive Care in February 2021.